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Emergency Roof Repair Glastonbury CT
Emergency roof repairs can include anything from a roof leak to major damage such as a fallen tree.

When severe weather strikes, it can cause major problems for your home. Wind, hail, snow, and falling branches are always a threat to your home, causing problems such as broken shingles, roof leaks, and even putting holes in your roof.

If you experience a roofing emergency, the experts at Millstream Construction are here to help. We provide complete emergency roof repair and storm damage repair services in Greater Hartford & Glastonbury, and we will quickly and effectively restore your roof to working condition.

Don’t take any chances of having a roof that isn’t protecting your home. If you’ve experienced storm damage to your roof, call us today at 1-860-850-2680 or contact us online to get a free estimate. We provide quality roof repair in Hartford, Avon, East Hartford, and the nearby areas.

Common Causes of Roofing Emergencies

Emergency Roof Repair Glastonbury CT
No matter what happens to your roof, we can restore your roof and ensure your home is protected.

While many roofing emergencies are completely out of the homeowner’s control, there are preventative measures that can be taken. Regular inspections will keep you aware of worn-out sections of roofing that are more likely to cause an issue. Common causes of roofing emergencies include:

  • Delayed maintenance and natural wear due to weather and UV radiation
  • Fallen tree limbs
  • High winds tear off shingles and/or roof decking
  • Ice dams and ice buildup in valleys
  • Improper installation practices
  • Flashing failures at roof penetrations, including around chimneys, vent stacks, and dormers

We Provide Complete Solutions for Emergency Roof Repairs

If your home is damaged by a storm, falling tree, or another natural event, call the experts at Millstream Construction for all your roof repair needs. We will quickly return your roof to its original condition and help protect your home from further damage.

Call us today at 1-860-850-2680 or contact us online to get a free estimate on emergency roof repair for your home. We provide complete roof repair and roof replacement services in Wethersfield, Manchester, West Simsbury, West Hartford, New Canaan, Glastonbury, Farmington, and throughout the surrounding areas.

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