Roof Repair Case Studies: Low Slope Roof Flashing in Plainville CT


The owners of this home located in Plainville had their roof repaired multiple times recently, however, they still had leaks and couldn’t stand the cost of repairs that were not working anymore. After a lot of research and careful consideration they decided to reach out to us here at Millstream Construction, the owner of the company, Chris, answered their call and set up an appointment later that day to inspect the roof. Worried that a commissioned sales person would be coming out the home owners waited nervously anticipating to be told they need an entirely new roof for thousands of dollars, this was not the case. Immediately after Chris introduced himself they were astounded! It’s rare if ever that the owner of a company personally answers the phone and follows up personally! After a careful inspection Chris was able to determine the issue was the flashing around skylights on the home.


After discussing the options available, the owners of the home decided to schedule the work and be free of roof related headaches once and for all. Once our project manager arrived on site he introduced himself and did a walk around with the customers to determine any concerns they may have had about the project. Once work began careful attention was paid to the areas with improper flashing to ensure that any and all issues would be resolved. Once the roof work was completed a through cleaning of the property was done, including by the on site manager. We also used a large magnet to retrieve any nails from the grass and driveway to ensure no further headaches related to the roof would weigh on the minds of the residents. We are happy to say that more that a year has passed since we’ve completed this project and everything is not only looking great, but also performing perfectly.

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